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The Universal Hagar's Spiritual Church offers several auxiliaries and ministries.  Below is a snapshot description of our different boards and auxiliaries.

Wisemen Board 

The Wisemen's Board is the governing body of the Universal Hagar's Spiritual Church consisting of Princes and Princesses (Bishops) throughout the bounds of the UHSC Association.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board consists of UHSC Clergy whose responsibility is to assist the Wisemen Board in making pertinent recommendations for the growth and progress of our association. 

Junior Wisemen Board

The Junior Wisemen Board was established in the early 1960's for the purpose of training and grooming young people who have exemplified exceptional leadership ability within the Universal Hagar's Spiritual Association.

Business Board

The National Business Board consists of individuals from varied business professions whose responsibility is to manage the business affairs of the Universal Hagar's Spiritual Association under the leadership of our National Business Manager.

Princes and Princesses

These are the Bishops of the UHSC. Their responsibility is to exercise stewardship over UHSC churches and officers within their state.

Deacon Board

The deacon board is a group of men appointed by the Universal Hagar's Spiritual  Church to assist the Pastor in the ongoing ministry of the Church. 

Deaconess Board

The deaconess board is a group of women appointed by the Universal Hagar's Spiritual Church to serve as examples to the women of the Church.  The Deaconess Board also is responsible for assisting the Pastor in the ongoing ministry of the church.

Altar Board 

The Altar Board consists of boys and girls within the local churches whose responsibility is to pray for the church family and people abroad.

Sacred Staff

The Sacred Staff consists of teen girls whose responsibility is to pray for the church family and people abroad on a national level such as conventions.

Men’s Ministry

An auxiliary focused on bringing all the men of the UHSC together in an effort to be proper role models for our boys and young men. This group meets twice a year at the Men's National Convention in April and also during the annual Men's Retreat in October.

Women’s Ministry

The UHSC women’s ministry also known as Hagar's Women on the Move endeavors to strengthen their faith in Christ, so that they can become stronger change agents for the UHSC.  They create spiritual sisterhood among the women of the UHSC and are inclusive of women in other churches and the community.

Youth Ministry

Our Youth Ministry is known has the HYPU or the Hagar's Young People's Union.  The UHSC is a community where we foster leadership and service at an early age.  The HYPU was designed in an effort to give the youth a chance to lead worship through preparing the message, praying, and singing the songs of Zion. The HYPU services helps to illustrate the importance and the sanctity of worship and the part it should play in their daily lives. 

Sunday School 

The object and purpose of the Universal Hagar's Spiritual Church is to teach the deeper truths of God as well as to disseminate the Holy Bible and the revealed word of God as our chief discipline.  The UHSC Sunday School is committed to providing a deeper understanding to the written word of God so that our members may have a true sense of who God really is and how he plays a major role in their daily lives.
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