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The Universal Hagar's Spiritual Church involves more that just believing but it involves participation.  Father Hurley teaches us to be sweet, kind and loving not only to each other but to everyone we meet.  Romans 12:10 says “Be devoted to one another in brotherly love.”   In too many organizations, membership simply means that your name is on a roster or that you pay membership dues. Membership in this church means far more than that.  We are taught the the church is not the physical building but the people are the church.  Membership in a church means that you are to the church what a vital organ is to the body. The body does not function up to capacity without each vital organ.  Likewise, if membership in the church is not active, ultimately the Church will shrivel up and die.

It is our desire that you play an active role within the Universal Hagar's Spiritual Church.  The object of this church is to not only teach the deeper truths of God but also to develop the true spiritual life among our members so that all shall attain the highest state of spiritual experience in this life as true worshippers of God.  In order for that to happen, we know that it is our responsibility to offer a variety opportunities for you to grow spiritually.  Accepting Christ is not the end but it is the beginning.  At the Universal Hagar's Spiritual Church, we will do our best to guide you through your journey and help you to mature in Christ.

What our members expect from their church

  • An opportunity to hear the preached word 
  • An opportunity for fellowship 
  • An opportunity to mature in Christ through Spiritual education 
  • An opportunity to use their spiritual gifts to the glory of God and the edification of humankind 
  • An opportunity to help win over the world to the true light of Christ

What we expect from our members

  • Worship: We expect regular worship attendance 
  • Discipleship: We expect all members to study the true light of Christ
  • Fellowship: We expect our members to get to know one another and be supportive of each other 
  • Ministry: We expect our members to be involved in a ministry or auxillary of the Church
  • Evangelism: We expect our members to talk to their family and friends about the spiritual philosophy and the Universal Hagar's Spiritual Church

How to become a member of the Universal Hagar's Spiritual Church

  • Attend our Church Services
  • Attend Sunday School
  • Accept Christ within your heart 
  • Receive the right hand of fellowship and give God your heart
  Universal Hagar's Spiritual Church 
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Father George Willie Hurley
Prophet & Founder
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