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The Universal Hagar's Spiritual Church was established on September 23, 1923 on Columbia Street near St. Antoine in Detroit, Michigan by our founder Father George Willie Hurley.  The first congregation consisted of himself, his wife (Mother Cassie Bell Hurley) and their six children.  The U.H.S.C. was established for many reasons mainly for the benefit of aiding drifting humanity.  Father Hurley declared that God showed him the U.H.S.C. in the form of a brown skinned damsel and said unto him , "this is your wife, take care of her."

After becoming established, the congregation began to increase and his intentions were for a larger building.  From Columbia Street, the church moved to Gratiot Avenue in Detroit, Michigan.  After several years had elapsed, Father Hurley was still in need of a larger edifice with a seating capacity that would accomodate four hundred or more worshippers.  Thus, he and the church officials through the divine guidance of the Holy Spirit located a building at 944 Napoleon Street which proved to be sufficient.  This was where he was able to organize a governing board and other auxillaries necessary for the support of the growing national headquarters.

In the late 1940's our national headquarters reached another milestone with the purchase of a new and even larger edice located at 2281 Pierce Street in Detroit, Michigan.  Through the leadership of Father Hurley's successor and wife; Reverend Cassie Bell Hurley, many lives were changed through the powers of God and the teachings of Father Hurley.

The U.H.S.C. organization has made tremendous progress through the years, by extending Father Hurley's message into many cities throughout the United States.  Today we have churches in Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia, South Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Maryland, Virginia, Wisconsin and Connecticut.

The association throughout the years has been highly praised by those who have sought for spiritual understanding and development.

Father Hurley's message included progress and prosperity for his people which created yet another milestone for the Universal Hagar's Spiritual Association. On April 23, 2010 at our 86th Annual April Convention, our current presiding Bishop Reverend S.Ada Aquart announced to the assembly the purchase of our new national headquarters located at 555 Oakwood Road in Detroit, Michigan. On Sunday June 20, 2010 our head officials, ministers, saints and well wishers gathered at our new national headquarters for a historic and spirit filled dedication service for our new edifice.

Father Hurley's greatest dream was to erect a seven story edifice and that will soon become a reality.

April 1929 Detroit, MI
Established September 23, 1923
Father George Willie Hurley
Prophet & Founder