"Man Know Thyself! When you know yourself then you will know God or Elohim."                                                                                                                            
                                                                                                                                     Father George Willie  Hurley

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Father George Willie Hurley was born on February 17, 1884 in Reynolds, Georgia. He was the third child born to Mr. Willie and Tina Hurley.  At the age of seven, little George's ministerial work began. He'd often go into the woods and preach to the trees, because he loved nature.  At the age of 13 he received the gift of prophecy, and was ordained before reaching the age of twenty.   

Rev. Hurley attended the Tuskegee Normal Industrial Institute in Alabama and entered Phelps Bible Hall Theological School.  Dr. E.J. Penny was Dean and Instructor at that time and he would say to other students that Mr. Hurley had queer ways and would someday become a great leader.   After completing his education, he returned to his old home town and took an examination to become a public school teacher.  He passed the exam and taught for fourteen years.  Later he traveled as a valet and crossed the seven seas.  He returned to this country several years later and also worked as a valet in the State Legislature Hall in Georgia.

George returned to his home town in 1910 and by continuing to pastor churches, he met a young lady by the name of Cassie Bell Martin at a Southern Baptist Convention.  She later became his wife and six children were born unto  them, but he never stopped his professional career.  He was then inspired to go north, where he stopped in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio, and from there he went to Washington D.C.  After residing in Washington for a short while, he returned to Cincinnati where he caught a glimpse of a higher life in God.  He left the faith of the Protestant churches and became a member of a Holiness church known as the Triumph Church and Kingdom of God in Christ under the auspices of Father Edward Smith.  He became a pastor, and soon afterwards was appointed chief secretary while attending a convocation for fifty days in Indianapolis, Indiana. He was soon elevated to Elder Hurley and became the presiding Prince of Michigan.  Elder Hurley was not satisfied with his current belief for he felt that there was something lacking.  He finally pulled out from the Triumph Church organization and began to travel.  During his travels, Rev. Hurley had a vision.  God revealed to him where to go in order to receive a deeper insight on occult work and alchemy.  He had heard of a great Occult Master in Chicago, Illinois by the name of Dr. DeLaurence, from whom Rev. Hurley received training and instruction in Mediumship and Psychology.  His continued spiritual instruction came from Dr. P.H. Gaddhaliah of Asia.  He received master and adeptship instruction in Hindu, Hebrew, Chinese, Egyptian and Pythagorean alchemy, occult and spiritual arts at the famous school of the Prophets in Egypt.  

After long suffering, fasting, praying and studying to prove himself worthy, Rev. Hurley was ordained  to be the Prophet of the New Age, "the Second coming of Christ."  He declared that God showed him the Universal Hagar's Spiritual Church in the form of a brown skinned damsel and said unto him, "marry her and take good care of her."  Father Hurley organized the first Universal Hagar's Spiritual Church in Detroit, Michigan on September 23, 1923. Father Hurley shortly created his first church newspaper known as the Prophetic Age and then the Hagar's Spiritual Rising Sun and finally the Aquarian Age newspaper. 

Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Father Hurley preached and taught the everlasting gospel to all who would believe.  He taught the precepts of complete deliverance from all troubles within and without. Father Hurley was a deep psychological student and felt that the Christ within knows all things, hears all things and can do all things pertaining unto righteousness.  His sole object was to uplift of people in order to build industries that they might have employment and become recognized as citizens of the United States.  The teachings of Father Hurley have been an inspiration to men and women around the world and is credited for being a saving grace for the sick and burdened individuals.  

We thank God for the teachings of Father Hurley for his message of "Man Know Thyself" is just as effective today in the 21st century as it was in the 20th century.

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