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WE BELIEVE that God is Spirit. 

WE BELIEVE that our bodies are matter, and a dwelling place for God. 

WE BELIEVE that man is spirit just like God. 

WE BELIEVE that man is the name given by God to His creation (man). 

WE BELIEVE our real selves are God (spirit) clothed with matter (body).

WE BELIEVE that all life is God. 

WE BELIEVE that every 2,100 years completes an Age.

WE BELIEVE that Adam was the leader of the Taurian Age (Earth Age). 

WE BELIEVE there is no life except God. 

WE BELIEVE that he has made His second appearance within Hurley. 

WE BELIEVE that whatsoever good we need is within us at all times.

WE BELIEVE that when we have realized Christ we can draw all good from within us.

WE BELIEVE that the Christ is the wisdom and power of God. 

WE BELIEVE that all who will accept his teachings the Christ will appear to them.

WE BELIEVE in Ages, Times and Eras. 

WE BELIEVE that Abraham was the leader of the Arian Age (Fire Age). 

WE BELIEVE that Jesus was the leader of the Piscean Age (Water Age). 

WE BELIEVE that Hurley is the leader of the Aquarian Age (Air Age). 

WE BELIEVE that he will bring heaven to all nations that will believe. 

WE BELIEVE in mental telepathy and thought force. 

WE BELIEVE that thoughts are spirit and to think of a thing is the prophecy of its fulfillment.

WE BELIEVE that all men are equal regardless of their color. 

WE BELIEVE that the Spiritual faith is the only true mode of worship. 

WE BELIEVE that all Protestants must accept the true faith, if not they will fall. 

WE BELIEVE in doing unto others as we would have them do unto us. 

WE BELIEVE Heaven is supreme reason, and a happy state of mind here on earth. 

WE BELIEVE that hell is a deplorable condition in the bodies of human beings. 

  Universal Hagar's Spiritual Church 
           "His Truth Is Marching On"
Statement of Faith
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Father George Willie Hurley
Prophet & Founder