Universal Hagar's Spiritual Church Association
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UHSCA Commandments

Thou shall believe in Spirit (God) within matter.

Thou shall ignore a sky heaven for happiness and a downward hell for human punishment.

Thou shall believe in heaven and hell here on earth.

Thou shall believe in the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.

Thou shall believe in what you sow, you shall also reap.

Thou shall believe that the Ethiopians and all nations will rule the world in righteousness.

Thou shall believe that the Universal Hagar's Spiritual Church was revealed to Father G.W. Hurley for the blessing of all nations that believe in him.    

Thou shall not pray for God to bless your enemies.

Thou shall ask God to give you power to overcome them.

Thou shall believe that our relatives and friends whose spirit have departed from their bodies, are within our own bodies to help us overcome all difficulties in life.

Established September 23, 1923
Father George Willie Hurley
Prophet & Founder